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Tannhäuser had been seen with reasonable frequency in Aberdeen and Dundee. However a couple of nights later on the spring tour William Boland and Anna Lindsey would treat northern audiences to their first performances of a much rarer Wagner piece, Tristan and Isolde.

The Glasgow programme gives the playing time for the performance - 2 hours and 55 minutes, including two 15 minute intervals.

Audiences were always supposed to take a particular interest in singers from their own local areas. In this cast, Violet Parsons was a young soprano from Arbroath. Nellie Watt came from Aberdeen, and was, or would soon be, the wife of William Anderson, a Dundee-born bass, by now well established and singing leading roles with the company.

Cast details are from the Dundee Advertiser and the Dundee Courier & Argus, Wednesday 28 March. For the autumn visit, cast details are from a programme in the Mitchell Library. Violet Parsons and Flintoff Moore are shown in both tours, while the players of the four junior knights are only listed in the Glasgow programme.

Performance Cast


Violet Parsons

Tannhäuser a knight and minnesinger

William Boland (Mar)

Charles Neville (Nov)

Shepherd boy

Nellie Watt (Mar)

Miss Tomlinson (Nov)

Wolfram von Eschenbach a knight and minnesinger

Flintoff Moore

Hermann Landgrave of Thuringia

William Anderson (Mar)

Joseph Griffin (Nov)

Walther von der Vogelweide a knight and minnesinger

Mr Pilkington

Heinrich der Schreiber a knight and minnesinger

Mr A Locker

Biterolf a knight and minnesinger

Jay Ryan

Reinmar von Zweter a knight and minnesinger

William Bowring

Elisabeth niece of the Landgrave

Anna Lindsey (Mar)

Eleanor Felix (Nov)

Performance DatesTannhäuser 1917

Map List

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

20 Mar, 19.15

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

27 Mar, 19.15

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

10 Nov, 14.00

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