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Tannhäuser 1913Carl Rosa Opera Company

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The reviewer in the Glasgow Herald (3 May) wrote "The Carl Rosa company concluded the final week of their visit to the Glasgow Theatre Royal on Saturday with performances of Tannhauser and Faust.   It is gratifying to record that each opera was performed before a large audience.  If during the remainder of their stay, the company continues to receive so large a measure of public support the management of the enterprise will have receivd ample evidemce that Glasgow deserves well at their hands,  On the present occasion they have had the new experiences of crowded houses for the Magic Flute, which was hitherto almost unnknown here, and for Wolf-Ferrari's new work.  Probably they are well-advised, however, in restricting their choice of Wagnerian opera to Tannhauser and Lohengrin - the latter will be given tonight - for in order to adequately perform any of the more advanced music dramas of the Bayreuth master greater resources are required than one is justified in expecting from a company which appeals to moderate purses.  The performance of Tannhauser on Saturday afternoon, while in certain respects worthy of much praise, was not sustained at so high a level as some that have been given here within recent times. It is perhaps hard to satisfy those people who have heard the orchestral music played by a larger and cfiner band, more impressive choral singing and a better account of the minor minstrel parts than was shown on this occasiom by the Carl Rosa troupe; but against those deficencies must be set the remaarkably fine singing and acting of Mr William Wegener as Tannhauser and of Miss Ina Hill as Elisabeth, whose individual achievements went far to towards lifting the performance above a commonplace standard.

In music of a very different type from that of Verdi's Trovatore, in which he made his debut in Glasgow last week, Mr Wegener showed he is a singer of excellent resource, whie on the dramatic side his Tannhauser may be ranked with the best that has been seen in any touring company.  In the narration of his pilgrimage Mr Wegener was deeply impressive, and through it all there was vocal purity and a clear articulation such as is rarely heard.  Miss Ina Hill again proved how well qualified she is to portray Elizabeth by her sympathetic acting and artistic singing.  The note of exultation was truly sounded in the 'Greeting to the Hall of Song' and deep emotional feeling was evident in the 'prayer'.  The Wolfram of Felix Fliescher fell short of the excellent work of the principals.  His voice sounded weak in the upper notes, but within his limitations he sang effectively.  Mr Winckworth as usual bore with distinction the part of the Landgrave.  A rather shrill tone marred the singing of the Venus music by Miss Winifred Geverding, but the Shepherd Boy's song was finely rendered by Miss Dorothy Lawson-Taylor.  The opera was adequately staged, the Venusberg scene being a particularly effective spectacle.  Mr Eugene Goossems conducted."

This late winter Scottish season conisisted of seven weeks, each with seven performances. After a week in Aberdeen (w/c 20 Jan) then one in Dundee (w/c 27Jan), there followed three in Edinburgh’s King’s Theatre (commencing 3 Feb, 10 Feb, 17 Feb) and two in Glasgow’s Theatre Royal (w/c 24 Feb; 3 Mar).

The schedule was:

Aberdeen, w/c 20 Jan: Mon Carmen; Tue Lohengrin; Wed Trovatore; Thu Mefistofele; Fri Magic Flute; Sat m Tannhäuser; Sat e Mignon.

Dundee, w/c 27 Jan: Mon Tannhäuser; Tue Magic Flute; Wed Mignon; Thu Trovatore; Fri Mefistofele; Sat m Carmen; Sat e Bohemian Girl.

Edinburgh, w/c 3 Feb: Mon Tannhäuser; Tue Mignon; Wed Magic Flute; Thu Trovatore; Fri Lohengrin; Sat m Faust; Sat e Bohemian Girl.

Edinburgh, w/c 10 Feb: Mon Magic Flute; Tue Queen of Sheba; Wed Carmen; Thu Maritana; Fri Magic Flute; Sat m Mignon; Sat e Lily of Killarney.

Edinburgh, w/c 17 Feb: Mon Cav & Pag; Tue Don Giovanni; Wed Faust; Thu Jewels of the Madonna; Fri Tannhäuser; Sat m Jewels of the Madonna; Sat e Trovatore.

Glasgow, w/c 24 Feb: Mon Magic Flute; Tue Mignon; Wed Trovatore; Thu Cav & Pag; Fri Jewels of the Madonna; Sat m Tannhäuser; Sat e Faust.

Glasgow, w/c 3 Mar: Mon Lohengrin; Tue Jewels of the Madonna; Wed Magic Flute; Thu Mignon; Fri Carmen; Sat m Jewels of the Madonna; Sat e Magic Flute.

Performance Cast

Elisabeth niece of the Landgrave

Ina Hill

Hermann Landgrave of Thuringia

Arthur Winckworth

Shepherd boy

Dorothy Lawson-Taylor

Tannhäuser a knight and minnesinger

William Wegener


Winifred Geverding

Wolfram von Eschenbach a knight and minnesinger

Hebden Foster

Performance DatesTannhäuser 1913

Map List

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

25 Jan, 14.00

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

27 Jan, 19.15

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

3 Feb, 19.30 21 Feb, 19.30

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

1 Mar, 19.15

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