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Cicely Gleeson-White Suggest updates

Born 1877.

English soprano.

Cicely Gleeson-White trained in London c1896 and had a notable career, singing several times in Henry Wood's Promenade Concerts during the Edwardian era.

Later, as a Wagner specialist, Gleeson-White appeared extensively with the Denhof and Beecham companies.

Roles in Scotland

Brünnhilde now a mortal
Siegfried 1911
Isolde an Irish princess
Tristan und Isolde 1912
Tristan und Isolde 1913
Elektra daughter of Klytämnestra and Agamemnon
Elektra 1912
Elektra 1913
Brünnhilde a Valkyrie
Valkyrie 1913
Brünnhilde Siegfried's lover
Götterdämmerung 1913

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