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Diary of One Who Disappeared Zápisník zmizelého; Diary of a Man Who Disappeared

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1960s - 1 tour

1965 - Ledlanet Nights
Fully staged, piano accompaniment

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Leoš Janáček (born Hukvaldy, 3 July 1854; died Ostrava, 12 August 1928)




Verses by Ozef Kalda published anonymously in newspaper Lidové noviny on 14 May 1916.



First Performance: Brno (Reduta Theatre), 18 April 1921.

First Performance in UK: tbc.

First Performance in Scotland: Ledlanet, Kinross-shire, 29 September 1965.



The Diary is a short musical drama or song cycle in 22 brief sections, around 37 minutes duration. A village youth immediately falls in love with a gipsy girl, and decides to run off to a new life with her, leaving family and village behind.

The work was originally composed to piano accompaniment, however a successful orchestration was prepared some years after the composers death.



Youth (tenor)

Gipsy girl (alto)

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