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An innovative and unique promenade opera telling stories based on the pub's history and snapshots of the lives of people who have frequented Sloans. For those that don't know Glasgow, Sloans has a number of rooms across three stories. For the first performances, there were four scenes called Mad for It, Country Song, Chopin's Ghosts and Young Love.  In Sloans the scenes moved from the ground floor to the first floor, with the final scene being played in the second floor ballroom, set out as a bar.  The stories enacted are about the cycle of love, marriage, birth and death. It is about everyday people in everyday situations. The aim is to draw in the audience - which it does.  As the publicity for the first run of performances says, Opera - but not as you know it!

For the revival in 2013, a fifth scene was added, involving an appearance by Peter Manuel, a serial killer, one of the last men to be hanged in Glasgow. and who was reputed to have been a regular of Sloans.  The scene was called Charm, adding a darker note to great effect.  

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